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Kenneth J. Canzoneri's Blog

Can I Get My Teeth Whitened After Braces?

March 4, 2022

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woman with white teeth in Arcadia

Your journey with braces has finally come to an end, and now you can enjoy the straight smile you’ve worked so hard for! However, you might notice there’s some mild discoloration on your teeth. While this is a normal experience, you’re probably wondering if you can get teeth whitening to solve the problem. Keep reading to learn how long you should wait before brightening your pearly whites!


Is Cavity Treatment Using a Laser a Good Idea?

December 15, 2021

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close-up of laser dentistry in Arcadia

Laser dentistry might sound like something that’s straight out of science-fiction, but it’s very real and has been since the mid-1990s. While lasers were initially used to help with gum disease, today, many dentists treat cavities with them as well. Is this wise? Yes! Laser dentistry not only makes cavity treatment more precise and efficient, but it also makes the patient experience much, much more pleasant. To learn a little more about how it works, keep reading!


The Top 3 Benefits of Gum Recontouring

September 17, 2021

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Woman smiling after gum recontouring

There are lots of people out there who aren’t happy with the appearance of their teeth. However, it isn’t always the teeth that are necessarily the issue. Sometimes, cosmetic imperfections are a result of the gums instead. The good news is that gum recontouring is a popular option that can help patients feel more confident about the appearance of their smile. This procedure is common and has all sorts of benefits. Continue reading to learn more about how the procedure works and its advantages.


Think Cosmetic Dentistry In Arcadia Isn’t For Everyone? Think Again!

August 11, 2021

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Woman smiling with perfect teeth

When you look at any celebrity or public figure, one of the first things you’ll notice is their flawless smile. And since chances are that they weren’t born with perfect teeth, you can bet they’ve had some help from a cosmetic dentist! But what you may not realize is that cosmetic dental procedures are accessible to everyone, not just the rich and famous. In fact, many people are surprised to learn how easy and affordable it is to enhance their smile and gain the confidence they need to excel, both personally and professionally. If you’d like to know more about cosmetic dentistry in Arcadia, keep reading to learn about some of the most common ways you can transform your smile. 


4 Cosmetic Dental Treatments for a Summer-Ready Smile

July 9, 2021

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woman with straw hat smiling on beach during summer

Pool parties, beach vacations, backyard BBQs – summer is full of social events! If your schedule is jam-packed with exciting occasions, expect to mingle with plenty of new and familiar faces in the coming months. However, are you dreading these affairs because of your smile? Don’t worry – your Arcadia cosmetic dentist shares four dental treatments that can give you a grin you’ll proudly show off!


Why Is My Dentist Suggesting Crown Lengthening?

June 6, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — canzoneri @ 3:40 am
Close up of woman's smile with lots of gums

Our smiles play an important role in making a good first impression. When you smile, do you think people notice your teeth or your gums more? So-called “gummy” smiles can be a major source of embarrassment. Fortunately, crown lengthening can help transform the appearance of your teeth and gums! However, crown lengthening in Arcadia isn’t just a cosmetic treatment. Here are a few different reasons why your dentist may suggest this procedure.


5 Ways Your Dental Hygienist Makes Your Appointments Easier

May 10, 2021

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dental hygienist in Arcadia chatting with a patient

They clean your teeth, take X-rays, and give you tips for at-home oral hygiene – all with a friendly smile. But did you know that dental hygienists do so much more than that? Their role in your checkups is more important than many people realize. Here are five things your dental hygienist in Arcadia does to make your appointments easier.


Dr. Canzoneri: Proud Member of Los Angeles Institute of Clinical Dentistry

March 26, 2021

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Picture of catalog cover for Los Angeles Institute

Education is an important aspect of dentistry, and Dr. Canzoneri is proud to not only be able to teach his patients about oral health but also pass on his knowledge to other dental professionals. He is currently part of the faculty at the Los Angeles Institute of Clinical Dentistry, and he’s passionate about teaching a variety of topics, including various applications of laser dentistry. Read on to learn more about the institute and Dr. Canzoneri himself.


4 Ways to Get Rid of a Gummy Smile

December 31, 2020

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Illustration of gummy smile before and after treatment

A gummy smile isn’t necessarily harmful, but it can still leave you feeling a little embarrassed if it ends up making your teeth look far smaller than they should. Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can make your grin more proportionate and beautiful, and your dentist can tailor each of these treatments according to your unique dental needs! Read on to learn more about porcelain veneers in Arcadia and 4 other potential ways to say good-bye to a gummy smile.


Meet Dr. Canzoneri, One of Pasadena’s Top Dentists!

November 30, 2020

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the headliner of the "Top Dentists 2020" article in Pasadena Magazine

Are you on the hunt for a dentist in Pasadena who can provide exceptional, attentive, and trustworthy dentistry for your family? As one of the 2020 recipients of Pasadena Magazine’s Top Dentist Award, Dr. Canzoneri proudly provides high-quality treatments to his patients in Arcadia and Pasadena. To learn more about his accomplishments and what makes him a “Top Dentist”, read below!

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