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Adults Over 55 Get the Royal Treatment with Dental Crowns!

March 22, 2018

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older couple embracing and laughingAre you approaching those golden years of life and would like to dispel the myth that everything is supposed to be decaying on you? If so, your local dentist would like to play his part in helping to defy the odds by discussing a highly effective way to restore your damaged crown. So if you’re one of the many adults over 55 who’d like to have a fully functional and beautiful smile, then stay tuned to learn about how valuable a crown restoration can be for you.


Laser Therapy for Gum Disease Sufferers

February 21, 2018

Female patient receiving dental careWhen you hear the word “laser” does a visit to the dentist come to mind? For most people, lasers call to mind science fiction, but there are a variety of professions that regularly use lasers to improve the effectiveness, speed, or comfort of services and treatments. That includes dentistry. In recent years, many dental offices have incorporated lasers into their practices. Lasers dentistry has specifically improved soft tissue therapies for those patients suffering from gum disease and those who need to remove damaged or excessive soft tissue.

Porcelain Veneers – A Simple Solution for a Cracked Tooth

January 4, 2018

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woman smiling with perfect teethTo say that the condition of your teeth is important is an understatement, because the reality is that it defines you and dictates how other people will respond in your presence. Studies verify this, as 73% of Americans would be more likely to trust someone with a nice smile, than a person with a good job, outfit or car, all three considered to be status symbols within our society. So for people to express that the beam of perfect teeth is more important than the items listed, is monumental. It also means that when you are challenged in this area, it can cause a great deal of anxiety. That’s why your dentist has decided to reveal a simple method to mask issues like a gapped, stained or cracked tooth. The remedy is porcelain veneers. Read on to learn why it’s a go-to solution for perfecting smiles.


Your Dentist in Arcadia Compares Dental Implants to Dentures

December 7, 2017

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mouth open dental implant post The time has come to make a decision about replacing your missing teeth, but you’re not sure about which method is best for this restoration. There are two options that you’re familiar with, but would like to know more about them. They are dental implants and dentures, and your dentist in Arcadia has an abundance information to share on the two processes to help you make an educated decision. Read on to learn more about both.


Here’s How Your Dentist in Arcadia Stops Cavities

November 27, 2017

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man at the dentist'sExcellent dentists value conservative dentistry, which means they want to avoid big problems that require altering your tooth significantly. The key to this is catching potential issues as early as possible through routine preventive appointments. Advanced technology helps, too — tools like the CariVu caries detection system allow your dentist in Arcadia to better see cavities in the earliest stages. Keep reading to find out how it works, and how CariVu can even eliminate the need for x-rays in some cases.


What Should You Do if One of Your Dental Implants Feels Loose?

October 21, 2017

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man covering mouthWithout a doubt, dental implants are one of the best ways to replace missing teeth. They’re sturdy, they can prevent bone loss, they imitate natural teeth in many ways, and they can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, there is always a small risk that dental implants will fail. What if one of your implants starts to feel loose? Does that mean it’s failing? Before you panic, take a look at this information regarding why your implant might not feel as secure as it once was.


Are You Looking for a New Dentist in Arcadia?

October 12, 2017

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anatomy of a healthy toothIf you’re already a current patient at a dental practice, but want better, more personalized care, it can be difficult to find. Sometimes you can find yourself surfing the web for a dentist in Arcadia for hours on end. When looking for the perfect practice to call your dental home, ask yourself a few questions These questions can make it easier for you to find an oral health care practice that fits your every need.


How Does Laser Dentistry Benefit Patients?

September 13, 2017

Woman receiving dental careLaser aren’t just good for space-age weaponry in sci-fi movies anymore. Today, numerous professionals use lasers to complete tasks with greater precision. Contractors use laser levels to quickly check their work for any signs of shifting or canting. Eye doctors use lasers to restore 20/20 vision. Dentists are also taking advantage of high tech dental lasers in order to provide patients with safe, comfortable, precision dentistry services.

Charity Donations

August 4, 2017

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Do You Suffer from Jaw Pain? We Can Help!

July 22, 2017

young woman with jaw pain holding her faceA strange thing happens sometimes when people are in pain. They take an aspirin and assume it will go away. Sometimes this is true, but if you’re living with chronic jaw pain, it’s unlikely to clear up on its own. There are numerous causes for jaw pain, and at the Arcadia dental office of Kenneth J. Canzoneri, DDS, we are happy to assess your smile and help you find treatment to relieve jaw pain. Dr. Canzoneri, like all dentists, has advanced training and experience that allows him to better understand oral and facial function. This includes the advanced skills necessary to provide jaw pain relief. Pain in the jaw prevents people from performing even the simplest tasks like chewing, speaking, or smiling. Contact our dedicated team right away if you experience jaw pain. This is never normal, and we are always here help!

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