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Kind Words from our Patients

“Elevated blood pressure. Pounding heartbeat. Nausea. Tears of fright….. This was how I was feeling sitting in Dr. Canzoneri’s waiting room for my first visit. The news was not good. Loose teeth, periodontal gum disease, cracked fillings, bacterial infection, cavities. After Dr. Canzoneri determined our course of action, we began the journey of deep cleanings, repairs and healing.

Fast forward two years; Dr. Canzoneri's most recent work was to cement into place a permanent bridge for the bottom front four teeth. Perfection!

I have been treated with kindness, patience and professionalism by Dr. Canzoneri and by all of the staff, especially Terry, Hygienist EXTRAORDINAIRE. My apologies to all the folks in Dr. Canzoneri’s waiting room on Thursday, June 7, 2012 for the crying sounds you heard. Those were tears of joy!”


Kay T.

“When Dr. Canzoneri first suggested that I get veneers, I was very resistant to the idea. I was somewhat jarred by the expense, and I didn’t see myself as being the kind of person who would have veneers. But I trust Dr. Canzoneri and knew in my heart of hearts that he wouldn’t suggest a procedure unless it was necessary.

Now that I have the veneers, I can’t imagine why I hesitated. I am thrilled with my new teeth. My bite feels much more solid, and I think I look healthier, if not younger. I would also have to say that given the amount of time which goes into making really great veneers, the cost seems quite fair.”

Julie W.

“In the summer of 2007, the final straw that brought an end to decades of dental neglect was losing a large chip off one of my front teeth. Up until then, the lost filling and dental decay were mostly isolated to the back portion of my mouth and not overly obvious if I limited the size of my smile. The fact that my teeth had yellowed I wrote off to just “getting old.” But when I lost a large chunk of one of my front teeth, I had it pointed out by a number of friends, as if I hadn’t noticed it myself.

My family had been seeing Dr. Canzoneri for a long time, and I told my wife to make me an appointment. Quite embarrassed over allowing my teeth to have gotten so bad, it wasn’t easy. I have to say that the manner and attitude of Dr. Canzoneri and his staff couldn’t have been more professional and understanding. In retrospect, I could kick myself in the rear for putting off having my teeth taken care of for so long.

He advised me that I was right at the point that, with modern dental techniques, he could save my teeth so that I wouldn’t have to wear dentures. After discussing it with my wife, we decided to bite the bullet and go for whatever was needed to restore my chewing and my smile.

It took almost a year of repeated visits to rebuild my mouth. It was a slow, fully-planned out approach that took into account not only the final result, but also how I was going to function the year that the reconstruction was going on.

Dr. Canzoneri was such a fresh surprise. The procedures were planned so that I was never left without chewing function. Furthermore, they were spread out so that no single visit was ever overly stressful or even mildly painful. I was always completely numb when he was operating on my teeth.

I couldn’t believe how well the final result turned out. My chewing is back to what it was when I was a young man – completely comfortable and natural. I eat whatever I want. My smile is back too. My wife has told me over and over how good it is to see me smile again and how good my teeth look.

For brevity’s sake, I’m going to wrap it up by saying that I couldn’t be happier with both the process and the final result. My fears turned out to have been way overblown, and I can’t thank Dr. Canzoneri and his staff enough for the way I was treated and the way things turned out.”

Gregory P., MD

“I have spent many years suffering from TMJ, with the last few years having my jaw lock up and getting worse. We had tried many different procedures with minimal relief until I finally trusted Dr. Canzoneri to go the whole nine yards and provide me with veneers to change my bite.

Since the procedure, I have been virtually pain-free and received a new and very white smile in the process. I am thoroughly grateful for what Dr. Canzoneri has done and I would highly recommend this procedure to anyone with TMJ.”


Debra J.

Dear Ken,
Many thanks for putting up with me all these years!  You are an outstanding Dentist!  You work quickly and skillfully.  You’re on top of every new dental innovation!  I really appreciate your friendly personality. You engender that trait in your office staff too.  Your office has a welcoming environment!    You’re the very best!
Just wanna thank you for taking such good care of us at your office.  Referring me to Dr. Fuentes for my son (day off!) was beyond amazing of you and your awesome team.  I really appreciate it.
Dear Raquel,
You are such an important part of Dr.  Canzoneri’s staff!  I always appreciate your efficiency, knowledge and friendly disposition!  You certainly have to keep “lots of plates spinning in the air”.
You and Rachel are great with patients!  You both contribute to the welcoming, relaxed environment in your office!  You are an amazing multitasker. You always have so much to do!  Thanks for making my visits so special.  

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