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Dental Implants in Arcadia

Replace Your Tooth With A Dental Implant

Is tooth loss a major concern?

Teeth endure extreme conditions every day: over 600 different bacteria, intense pressure, and dramatic temperature variations, just to name a few. Still, a smile can look very friendly and sweet. People see your smile and automatically, a first impression is formed. Can you imagine what life would be like if instead, you had no teeth? Your diet, health, confidence, and even your entire life would change. Fifty-million Americans are already in that situation. Don’t become a statistic as well!

What is a dental implant?

The replacement tooth option that most closely mimics nature’s original design is the dental implant. An implant consists of a false tooth (crown) and false tooth root (post). In comparison, bridges, partials, and dentures don’t offer replacement tooth roots. Instead, these prosthetics rely on existing structures to support and secure the replacement teeth. Dental implants stand alone, anchored by the replacement for the missing root. Furthermore, dental implants can secure one or more missing teeth. One implant can hold one crown, or a few implants can hold a bridge, partial, or denture.

Why is replacing teeth so important?

If you’re missing one or more teeth, your remaining teeth must compensate by bearing the workload. This is why, if a missing tooth is not replaced, remaining teeth are at a higher risk for loss. To bear the load, they often shift out of place, and this alters your bite (occlusion), which can lead to TMJ disorder, premature tooth wear, and bruxism (grinding or clenching teeth). Because they’re placed into the jawbone, dental implants promote jawbone retention as well. Without this stimulation, the bone deteriorates, which can lead to facial deformity and an aged appearance.

How can I learn more about dental implants?

If you’d like to find out whether dental implants are right for your situation, schedule an implant consultation with Dr. Canzoneri. He’ll be happy to assess your oral health and recommend options for replacing your missing teeth. We want you to enjoy an enhanced quality of life and optimal oral health! At our Los Angeles dental office, you can request sedation dentistry for comfort and peace of mind during implant procedures. If financing is a concern, ask us about CareCredit, a leader in low and no-interest medical loans.

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