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General Dentistry From Our Arcadia Dentist

Odds are that you will need restorative dental work at some point. To decrease your potential for serious oral health complications, see your general dentist, Dr. Canzoneri, every six months for a checkup and cleaning. At these appointments, we’ll check your mouth for signs of gum disease, oral cancer, tooth decay, or tooth damage. We can also address problems like snoring and headaches to improve your quality of life. Once Dr. Canzoneri has analyzed your oral health and discussed your primary concerns, he’ll work with you to develop a realistic treatment plan, followed by regular maintenance, for continued oral health. You can keep your teeth for life if you take care of them properly! Let us help.

Here are some interesting dental statistics:

  • 90% of adults have had a cavity that needed a filling
  • 50 million Americans have lost all of their teeth
  • 70% of adult tooth loss is attributed to gum disease
  • 75% of American adults have some form of gum disease
  • 10 million Americans suffer from TMJ disorder
  • 40 million Americans avoid dental visits because of stress, fear, or anxiety
  • Approximately 8000 Americans die from oral cancer each year
  • Bacteria in plaque are linked to chronic lung diseases
  • Gum disease increases risk for heart attack, stroke, dementia, and other serious conditions

Explore some of our most common general dentistry procedures on these pages:

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