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Arcadia Cosmetic Bonding Dentistry

White Fillings & Bonding

You no longer have to worry about metal fillings stealing the beauty of your all-white smile. Dr. Canzoneri places tooth-colored resin fillings instead of amalgam. These esthetic fillings do not contain metal or mercury, which are materials commonly found in silver amalgam fillings. Composite resin can also repair chips, close spaces, and cover stains on front teeth.

We also call resin “bonding.” To place a white filling or cosmetic bonding, Dr. Canzoneri will custom tint the material to match the enamel on your damaged or imperfect tooth. He’ll then prepare it for restoration. The liquid composite resin will be placed onto your tooth and then hardened with a soft curing light. Afterwards, Dr. Canzoneri will shape and polish the restoration. Your new, bonded filling will look naturally beautiful while still being able to endure the rigors of everyday chewing and biting.

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