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COVID-19 Practice Safety

Plexiglass Sneeze Guards: We have placed a plexiglass sneeze shield in 2 locations in the office where patients talk to team members at the front desk.Sneeze Guards help stop the spread of viruses, germs, and diseases by preventing airborne contaminants from traveling between individual people.


HVAC Improved Air Filtration: A MERVC-13 Pleated Air Filter has been installed in the office in-order to improve our indoor air quality. The filters block 98% of pollutants from the air ( such as pollen, fine dust, bacteria, viruses, mold spores and more). Each room has an intake vent to improve the air in each operatory at a quicker rate. The office filtration will start automatically 1 hour before staff arrives and continue until 2 hours after the end of the day.


Surgical Scrubs: Our entire office personnel, including the doctor, will be wearing scrubs. We want to have the utmost sanitary practice. Scrubs are easy to clean, as most liquids wont absorb and they make it easy to spot materials that adhere to them. As a side note they are extremely comfortable.


Disposable Cover Gowns: Gowns are worn by the DR, assistants and hygienists. It’s full length to the knees and made of fluid-resistant material.


Surgical Caps: Worn by Dr, assistants and hygienists. The cap is resilient to airborne contaminates and minimizes the risk of hair and the bacteria found in hair falling into the dental area.


Masks: My staff and I have worn type-3 masks since I started dentistry. The masks protect the patient and staff from the spread of infectious particles and other unwanted germs that reside in the human mouth.


Face Shields and Protective Glasses: Protects the wearers mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and mouth from splatter during dental procedures. A healthy office, doctor and staff means healthy patients.


Extra-oral Dental Suction System: A new and innovative piece of equipment where a small mask hovers about 12 inches from a patients mouth. It safely removes droplets and aerosol particles created while using the dental drill or waterlase dental laser. The advanced suction system is able to filter blood, viruses, germs, fluids, & dust that would otherwise end up contaminating the air, the operators and patients clothes and body. A HEPA filter and UV light disinfects the air that is sucked into the device.


UV Sanitizing Wand: UV-C light can degrade cell walls, proteins, and membranes of bacteria and viruses. We will use the wand in the office on inanimate objects like counters, door knobs, masks, toilets, sinks and many other objects and palaces.


Waterlase Dental Laser: As everyone knows I am one of the prominent Laser Dentists in the US. I can talk most of the day about the advantages of a laser over a drill and scalpel. But related to the COVID virus the one important fact is that the waterlase laser uses 80% less water than a traditional drill. Any reduction in aerosol in the dental office is a must have.


Rinse with Peroxide before Dental Procedure: We are having patients rinse with 1.5% hydrogen peroxide before each appointment since the Corona virus is vulnerable to oxidation.