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TMJ Therapy in Arcadia

 Symptoms of TMJ

Do you have any of the following symptoms?

·         Pain in the jaw

·         Restricted jaw movement

·         Sounds from joins

·         Facial pain

·         Facial muscle spasms

·         Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

·         Teeth not meeting together properly

·         Localized inflammation (causing facial swelling)

·         Discomfort in the eyes

·         Pain in the neck and shoulders

These and other painful symptoms can signify temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or TMJ disorder. The temporomandibular joints hold the jaw to the skull and allow the mouth to open, close, and move side to side. When the joints become misaligned, associated muscles and nerves get irritated. The symptoms listed above, as well as involuntary teeth grinding (bruxism), may occur as a result. Over time, teeth grinding will wear down a person’s bite and cause malocclusion. When TMJ disorder is left untreated, symptoms progressively worsen.

Following a thorough exam by Dr. Canzoneri treatments such as splints, Botox, nutrition counseling and advanced low-level laser therapy are utilized. Corrective dental treatment may be necessary and could possibly include; crowns, braces, bridges, implants and minimal reshaping of teeth to balance the biting surface of your teeth.

A conservative and effective therapy to treat TMJ begins with Dr. Canzoneri. He’ll create a custom mouthguard to realign your jaws into their proper position. Wear the mouthguard as directed, and your symptoms may show improvement immediately. In addition to mouthguard therapy, Dr. Canzoneri might also choose to rebuild the surfaces of your back teeth to restore proper occlusion. Changes in habits and stress relief exercises may also help relieve stressed muscles. At your consultation, Dr. Canzoneri will assess your TMJ symptoms and jaw joints and then provide his professional advice for your unique case.

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