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CariVu - Caries Detection Device

At Canzoneri Dentistry, we are always using innovative technologies to provide you with the highest level of care. That’s why we have incorporated the CariVu cavity and crack detection technology into our practice.

CariVu is a small, handheld device that hugs the tooth and bathes it in a safe, near-infrared light. This patented light causes the tooth to appear transparent while highlighting areas that are decayed or cracked as dark areas. The fully illuminated tooth is projected onto a screen, allowing both you and Dr. Canzoneri to clearly see hidden problem spots with a high degree of accuracy. This advanced technology helps us to identify areas that need treatment at the earliest possible stage, enabling us to provide you with conservative care before the problem becomes more serious and more painful.

Benefits of CariVu Early Caries Detection


  • Earlier cavity detection results in the most conservative treatment.
  • Provides a fast second opinion right in our office.
  • Makes visible areas that commonly hide decay.
  • Troublesome areas are easy to identify.
  • Can be used in combination with digital X-rays and sometimes eliminating the need for X-rays all together .


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